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​I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  So I would like to address our web store today.  Honestly our first choice web hosting was not that great.  The design options that were made available to us are very limiting.  This made what we seen as a hard to navigate site with a poor layout.  So we are upgrading.  This is bringing several new features to allow us to serve you better.  First our new web based store is fully integrated to our existing site.  You can get to it by clicking on 'Shop on-line' in our navigation bar.  Second we were able to creat subcategories allowing us to organize our products better.  Probably most importantly we can list all of our products for you.  There are many other advantages to our new site but they are too many to list.  The existing site will be up for a little while for you to place order still until we are done setting up the new site.  Once the new site is fully set up we will activate the checkout so you will be able to place orders.  For now you can access both sites.  The current site from the Shop Now button on the home page so you can still place orders there and the new site under construction from the Shop on-line link in the navigation bar.  Happy Brewing.

I came across this article about my favorite grain to brew with today today​.  It is few years old but very well written and contains some really good information and recipes.  My only criticism is in the comparison brew between a traditional Dunkelweizen and Roggenbier.  I have found that using Spalter is probably the best hops to use if you want to compliment the spiciness of the rye.  I hope you enjoy this read as much as I did.​

It has been a long time in the making but our online store is finally here.
Check it out here.

Limited space available in our Make Me Wine Class.  Make your favorite wine just in time for the Holidays. Call us today at 608-526-6060 and schedule your class.