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Wine List
White Wines

Sweet Dreams $13.99 (Californian Muscat) This fresh and vibrant white wine is a true crowd pleaser. Light-bodied with aromas of passion fruit, pineapple, elderflowers, and lychee, a sip of this wine will treat your palate to an impressive lineup of tropical and stone fruit.

Morning Dew $12.99 (German Gewurztraminer) Off dry with tropical fruits on the palate.  This is a soft structured, floral wine with balanced crisp acidity.

Sun Kissed $12.99  (Raspberry White Zinfandel) Mouth watering flavors of sweet ripe raspberries blended gracefully with the delectable refreshing character of a white zinfandel.

Rockabye White $13.99 (Italian Pinot Grigo) The bouquet reveals bright citrus and green apple aromas with honeydew tones.
Red Wines

Evening Rain $12.99  This deep red Elderberry wine is lightly oaked.  Starting off sweet and ending slightly tart has made this an extremely popular wine.

Starry Night $13.99 (Austrailian Cabernet Sauvignon)The warm southern sun produces a bold Cabernet Sauvignon with the varietal’s signature nose: blackcurrants, dark chocolate and subtle toasty notes. Fermentation on GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins and toasted American oak produces a full-bodied wine with hints of coffee and vanilla notes.

Red Passion $17.99  (Blend of Merlot, Cabernet, & Syrah) Fruity and flavorful--Our first blend provides you a full bodied and velvety wine with flavors of blackberry, raspberry, dark chocolate, and soft oak.

Red Lightning $13.99 (Chilean Malbec) Complemented by warm spice notes, Malbec boasts aromas and flavours of ripe blackberry and blackcurrant. The addition of our GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins creates a chewy, deep, rustic red wine with intense cherry flavours and blended oak undertones

Rockabye Red $13.99  (British Colubia Pinot Noir)This wine has fine aromas of black cherries and fresh strawberries. The French oak produces silky tannins while subtle notes of pepper and spice round out the experience

Dessert Wines

These wines are a specialty wine and are not always available.  Please call in advance to see what we have in stock. 

Sunset Meltaway $14.99 (Coffee Port style) Dessert in a glass!  Full bodied and a finely balanced hints of coffee and a medium sweet vanilla finish.  

Fruit Flavored Wines

These wines are easy to drink and provide a perfect balance of fruity flavors--not too sweet and not too dry.  They can be enjoyed on their own, over ice, or mixed into your favorite cocktail.  Enjoy on the patio, poolside or around a campfire in the company of good friends!

Summer Harvest $12.99 (Tropical Lime) Fresh and zesty lime notes are perfectly balanced with the subtle flavor of coconut & citrus.  A sure warm weather crowd pleaser.  Enjoy with a salt or sugar rimmed glass!

Autumn Breeze $12.99 (Green Apple Gewurztraminer) This popular straw colored wine is intensely flavorful, reminiscent of a freshly cut green apple.  The pleasant soft acidity and luscious, fruity aroma of this crisp wine make it a great refresher for a hot summer day.

Winter Breeze  $12.99 (Blueberry Shiraz) Experience the exciting combination of freshly picked blueberries with a delicate touch of tannins and structure.  This semi sweet wine is best enjoyed slightly chilled.  

Winter Harvest  $12.99  (Blackberry Merlot) Colorful tastes of juicy blackberries and ripe currants round out a truly flavorful experience to share with friends.