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Learn to Make Wine!!

You have the chance to become the vintner with us at The WineSitters.  We will teach you how to make wine from beginning to end. What a great way to learn and have fun! Individuals or small groups are welcome. Call and scheduled your training session today.

Here's how it works...

1. Before you come in....You will need to give us a minimum of 2 weeks notice so we can make sure your ingredients are here the day of your appointment. When you make your appointment we will need to know how many batches of wine you want to make with us and what kinds of wine.

2. Selecting your wine...Feel free to stop into our store and try the many different wines we make to see if you'd like to duplicate a wine or make something different.  We offer by the glass or bottle. Not all flavors are available.  

3. During your first appointment...You will be at our store for approximately 1 hour. Each batch of wine makes 6 gallons of wine which equals approximatley 28 bottles. Please note that we require at least 50% down during your first appointment. The balance will be due on your bottling date.  

4. Preparing the wine...When you arrive we will bring you into our wine room. We will have the ingredients and equipment in the room waiting for you. Keep in mind that wine making can be messy at times. You may not want to wear your best clothes.  

5. Make me wine...We will teach you when and how to add in the ingedients. We will also explain what each step / ingredient does. TA-DA! You're making wine. Before you leave we will schedule a day for you to return to stabilize and clear your wine.  This is typically 14 - 15 days out.

6. Once you clear and stabilize...You can sit back and relax for the next few weeks and start dreaming about drinking your wine.

7. Bottling...Finally! In abut 5-7 weeks from the start, you will come back to bottle, cork, and label the wine. This will take about 1 hour. Your final payment is due.
Pricing and Selections

Orchard Breezin Series $195.00*
Banana Pineapple Viognier--Green Apple Gewurztraminer--Kiwi Melon Pinot Grigio--Raspberry White Zinfandel--Strawberry Riesling--Blueberry Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc--Blackberry Merlot--Black Cherry Pinot Noir--Pomegrante Wildberry Zinfandel--Seville Orange Sangria

Grand Cru International Series $225.00*
Chardonnay--White Zinfandel--Piesporter--Gewurztraminer--Sauvignon Blanc--Chenin Blanc--Cabernet Sauvignon--Pinot Noir--Syrah--Malbec--Barolo--Brunello--Primivito--Pinotage--Merlot

Cellar Classic Series $237.00*
Riesling--Pinot Grigio--Chianti--Valpolicella--Cab/Merlot--Cab/Shiraz

Special Dessert Wines $265.00*
Tru Blue (blueberry flavored dessert wine)--Razzled (rasberry flavored dessert wine)

Ice/Port Wines $349.00*
Riesling Ice--Peach Ice--Cab Franc Ice--Chocolate Orange Port--Chocolate Raspberry Port--Blackberry Port

*Prices include wine kit, corks, green or clear 750ml bottles, personalized labels, and shrink caps. There is a $60 up-charge for 375ml bottles. Prices do not include sales tax. Prices subject to change without notice.  

We will continue to add new kits to our list. Limited edition kits will be announced when available. Special Order kits available upon request.

To make your appointment call us at 608-526-6060 or email us on our Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

NOTE:  All wine produced during your training session cannot be sold or offered for sale.  It must be for your use only. Only persons of legal drinking age, may make wine. If you have further questions give us a call or refer to statute 125.06(3) and 125.06(3g).